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Frequently Asked Questions

What LGBTQ+ Means

  • Lesbian: a female identifying individual attracted to other female identifying individuals.
  • Gay: a male identifying individual attracted to other male identifying individuals.
  • Bisexual: an individual who is attracted to male, female, and sometimes other identifying individuals.
  • Transgender: an individual whose biological sex, or sex assigned at birth, does not line up with their gender identity.
  • Queer: an umbrella term for gender and sexual varying individuals who do not fit the Cisgender Heterosexual monogamous mold.
  • +: One of many other identities or orientations not included in the above terms.

Who comes to PFLAG York Meetings?

We welcome anyone with questions or seeking support with LGBTQ+ issues or concerns. All meetings and attendees follow our confidentiality guidelines to protect the individuals and identities.

PFLAG York provides guidance on how to come out to friends and family, and on finding out about a loved one’s identity. We understand that you may be struggling to accept the information, and have questions. We’re here to help, and can also connect you with other local resources for support.

What do you do at the meetings?

We design each of our meetings around the needs of that meeting’s attendees. We take a small amount of time to discuss things that are going on in the community, both negative and positive and upcoming events. A good portion of the meeting is then spent just talking in a casual atmosphere about the concerns of the group. The meetings take the form of peer support, where we learn from one another’s experiences. Meeting moderators also help in answering questions and give support through brochures, books, and other available information sources. Everything discussed is strictly confidential. We are here to help!

Do I have to participate?

No… you can just come and listen. You may find that once at the meeting, your feelings about participation will change, however, you are more than welcome to just come to the meeting to see what we are all about without sharing your particular situation.

How many people attend the meetings?

We typically have around 5 to 15 people attending our meetings. However, our meetings are different each time, changing based on who attends. Our agenda is not set in stone. We feel it is more important to keep things casual and to alter the meetings based on the participants’ needs.

Join Us

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