History of PFLAG York

By: Judy Morreels


Cindy Mitzel recognized the need for a PFLAG Chapter in York and organized a meeting at the YWCA.  Both Pat Brandl and I were invited and asked if we would be willing to organize and run a monthly chapter.  We agreed to do so and PFLAG YORK was born. (This was '93 or '94.)  We joined National PFLAG and slowly built our membership.  We initially met at the Lutheran Social Services building on Kelly Drive.  A Lutheran minister, Rev, Luther Sauers, arranged for us to use the facilities.


When we outgrew this space, he was able to arrange for PFLAG to meet in the Board Room of the Main Lutheran Home.  Meetings were held on one Tuesday a month from 7-9 PM. The evening began with the mission statement, importance of confidentiality and introductions around the circle.  Often, there was a guest speaker with a question period.  More often, we spent our time responding to the needs of those who came to us for help.


In the early years we had a devoted group of individuals whose sustaining interest in PFLAG laid the foundation for a much needed support group. They were Pat and Don Brandl, Judy and Charles Morreels, Elsie and John Parker, Cheryl Hershey and Charles Kress.


For a few years we had a Newsletter with exceptional quality writing and makeup.  Cheryl Hershey, Jill Miller, Judy Morreels and Sean Downs were responsible for it.


In 2003 we began meeting at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York on George Street.  We were very grateful to the Lutheran Home for providing meeting space for PFLAG for so many years, free of charge, as a service to the community.


There is so much more to say.  A decade of wonderful times with the GLBT community.  My life has been enriched through the experience of working with PFLAG.  Listening, caring, reaching out to others in pain and crisis is a special challenge.  I have learned so much from others that has helped me in my own understandings.  The friendships and good times have been a great joy.


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